This Unity Terrain, Skyboxes, Wind, Trees and Water tutorial shows you how to enable, modify, and texture terrain, as well as adding skyboxes, wind, trees, wind in the trees, and basic water to your game environment.
Here are some points that might help along the way: 1. If you are going to use things like terrain, the first person character controller, skyboxes, etc., load them up when you make your project. But if you forget to do this when you start your new project, you can also access these assets via Assets > Import Package. 2. Though I didn’t do it in this tutorial, you can add your own textures for the terrain – any tiled image will work, just make sure you use a factor of 2 when sizing it. I have a concrete.png texture I like to use that is 512×512. 3. Be super-careful when adding things like trees, grass, or rocks to your scene – these will slow down your game performance so keep them to a minimum.