unity flight simulator phase 2 Unity Flight Simulator Phase 2 is a followup from a previous tutorial called Unity Flight Simulator tutorial, and has an improved flying script, the addition of collision sounds, controls for jet particles off and on, and some imported objects to collide with. Try the latest Unity Flight Simulator out here (will open a new window). Requires Unity Player – uses arrow keys and wasd, see controls list at bottom of post. It still needs to be mentioned that the independent developer version of the Unity game engine is free, and can be downloaded at www.unity3d.com. If you want to see the video tutorials for modeling, xforming, unwrapping, texturing, and exporting the flying vehicle from 3ds Max, go to the 3dcognition Facebook page. The flying vehicle model and gateway model are available here at no cost if you don’t have models of your own.

collision.js The collision.js script should be dragged to your flying vehicle in the Hierarchy panel.
var collisionSound : AudioClip; function OnCollisionEnter(collision:Collision){ audio.PlayOneShot (collisionSound); }

jet-sound.js The jet-sound.js script should be dragged to your flying vehicle in the Hierarchy panel.

jet-particles.js The jet-particles.js script should be dragged to the appropriate Particle System in the Hierarchy panel.

flight-sim.js The flight-sim.js script should be dragged to your flying vehicle in the Hierarchy panel. Controls: Left and right arrow keys: Yaw Up and down arrow keys: Pitch a and d: Roll s and w: Slow thrust, Fast thrust Inputs: Add an input for Thrust – so that your jet-particles.js script will work; here’s how to do it. 1. Go to Edit > Project Settings > Input. This will put you in the Input Manager in the “Inspector”. 2. Where it says “Axes”, change the Size (number of inputs) to one number higher than it is. So if Size is 15, change it to 16. 3. Look at the bottom of the Axes list – you will find your new input. Change the “name” of the input to “Thrust”. 4. Make sure the “Positive Button” is “s”. 5. Make sure the “Axis” is set to “X axis”. 6. If you want a Thrust2 so that when you hit the “w” key, a different colored particle system kicks in, repeat the instructions above, but use “Thrust2” and “w” in place of “Thrust” and “s”. You would also need another jet-particles.js script (called jet-particles2.js, for example), which would have any references to “Thrust” changed to “Thrust2”.