unity flight simulator demo Purpose of the Contest: To encourage discussion and development around flying games using the Unity game engine, and to encourage beginning Unity developers to get their feet wet with a practical project. Everything you need to engage in this contest is free: – The Unity game engine is a free download which runs on all platforms and is available at Unity3d.com – Models have already been created here on this site which you can download (see link at bottom of page). – You can make your own models with a free tool like Blender, or search for and download free models on the web (you can also use 3ds Max, Maya, or any other modeler that supports FBX export if you have them – see links below). – Scripts and other Unity techniques are shown in the “related links” at the bottom of this page, or you can find or dream up your own. Voting 1. All entries will be posted for viewing at 3dcognition.com on or just prior to May 1,2013. 2. Voting starts May 1, 2013 and continue until 24.00, May 15, 2013, GMT. EDIT: Voting has begun for the flight sim/flight game portion of the contest; if you want to vote for one, you can FB “LIKE” either the “shared link” or the “photo” for that entry here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/3dcognition/259094797554608 Prizes: There are two prizes for flight simulations/games. 1. A $100 gift card to Amazon.com for the flight simulation/game with the highest number of likes/votes based on the flight sim/game that is the most immersive and/or compelling. EDIT: This portion of the contest will terminate on April 30, midnight, California time. 2. A $100 gift card to Amazon.com for the best flight simulation/game tutorial or technical tip. This can be a code snippet or a technical procedure that improves the flight sim/game possibilities. The winner of this prize will be decided by 3dcognition but any votes or comments can influence the outcome. EDIT: Since there were no entrants as of April 30, I am extending this portion of the contest until May 5, midnight, California time. If no tips/techniques are submitted to the 3dcognition Facebook page by that time, this prize will not be given out. EDIT: This portion of the contest did not receive any qualifying tips or tutorials (which would have to have been posted to the 3dcognition Facebook page by the extended deadline) so is cancelled. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/3dcognition/259094797554608 Here is the list of countries that can shop from Amazon (opens new window). While a $100 gift card cannot compete with some other contest prizes, 3dcognition.com is a small website and so there is less competition. This contest seeks to motivate and encourage beginners to try their hand at making a flight simulator, rather than a complete, complex game. And, with $100, you can add to your library with a few of these gems: Unity Development Essentials by Will Goldstone (Published 2011, $49.99) Unity 3d Game Development by Example by Ryan Creighton (Published 2011, $40.44) Holistic Game Development with Unity by Penny De Byl (Published 2011, $31.25) Game Development with Unity by Michelle Menard (Published 2011, $25.79) Prize Delivery: The winner will be contacted and announced on May 17, 2013. The winner will have an Amazon gift card posted to their Facebook wall at this time. Rules: 1. The objective is not a “Microsoft Flight Simulator” type of interface, but a “seat of the pants” flying experience where the vehicle is in third person, ie, you can see and control the vehicle with keyboard controls for Yaw, Pitch, Roll, and Thrust. Controls for the flight simulation should be clearly explained. 2. Each entrant for the flight simulation prize shall provide a link to their simulation, or attach their simulation as a .unity3d and .html file to a facebook message (see How to Enter, below). Simulation must be built using the Unity game engine and allow flight by using keyboard. 3. Entrants should make it clear which components of the simulation were acquired assets (models, sounds, etc.) and which components were created by them. 4. Entrants are welcome to use the flight simulator scripts at 3dcognition.com, or may use their own scripts. 5. Only those entrants who submit their flight simulators or tutorial / tip between April 1 and April 30 (inclusive) will be eligible for a prize. 6. Entrants who provide links or files for their flight simulation agree to keep their flight simulations up for the entire month of May so that others can enjoy them. 7. Entrants who provide tutorials or tips agree that those tutorials or tips may remain visible on the 3dcognition website after the competition is over. 8. Entrants may supply a link to their websites, portfolio, or other work if they so wish, which will appear next to their flight simulation. 9. There is no fee to enter. How to Enter: If you are entering a flight sim: Send a link to your game, or attach your game as a .unity3d and .html file to a message at http://www.facebook.com/pages/3dcognition/259094797554608. All sims/games will be available for viewing during the month of May, 2013, and then may be taken down by the entrant or at the discretion of 3dcognition.com. If you are entering a tutorial / tip for making flight sims in Unity: Attach a link, or text and images, to a message at http://www.facebook.com/pages/3dcognition/259094797554608. All tutorials / tips will remain visible for others to see. Related Links See the first Unity Flight Simulator tutorial here. See the Unity Flight Simulator Phase 2 tutorial here. Unity Flight Simulator Assets (downloadable) Here is a simple technique to make sure your 3ds Max model orientation is correct for the Unity game engine. Information on how to export to FBX from various 3d applications Create a particle flame in Unity