Tutorials for Interactive and 3D Applications

There are currently over thirty tutorials for 3d applications at 3dcognition.com, which focus on 3ds Max, Flash, and Unity.

3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max is probably still the most popular platform for modeling and animating game assets, and the second-most popular solution for movie-related modeling and animation. A few quick lessons is all you’ll need to get started to modeling, texturing, and animating whatever you can imagine.


Flash is still the best way to create complex, web-based animation, interactives, and 2D games, primarly because of the blend of powerful graphic features and the AS3 programming language that helps you manage the graphic assets.


Unity is my favorite game engine and in these tutorials I show how to import assets from 3ds Max, and cause them to be controlled by the game engine. Note: The Unity game engine is free – that is, the independent developer version, which is very slick and very powerful. If you have a little time and some good ideas, this is worth a look.