Game Development

Game Development Principles

Game development is a big subject which we will break down into several component parts.

How to Make a Video Game

An overview – the process of making a game, from the initial idea to the conclusion of the Alpha, Beta, and Final versions. For more detail, consult the articles below.

Game Design

How to classify games. Game Design covers the Low Fidelity Prototype, questions to ask yourself as you are designing, and thinking through the story behind the game. Food for thought on the number of choices and challenges within a game, and how to make games that appeal to both new and seasoned players. A definition of fun and flow in games, and the meaning of “play”.

Game Art

From 2d art and 3d art, to walk and run cycles, to modeling and animation solutions.

Game Programming

An overview of the languages and scripts use for game programming, and some general rules of thumb to consider when programming games.

Game Engines

There are many free and affordable engines out there, some with better functionality and documentation than others; don’t rush this decision.