Flash Car Animation Tutorial

This Flash car animation tutorial shows you how to create a Car Animation where wheels turn, smoke comes out of the exhaust, and the exhaust pipe shakes.

Flash Tweened Text

This Flash tweened text tutorial shows you how to create tweened text where we start with a string of text, break it into letters, put each letter on its own layer, then animate each letter into position, and animate scale and opacity.

Flash Bouncing Ball

This Flash bouncing ball tutorial shows you how to create a bouncing ball that uses Ease-in, Ease-out, to give the ball a more realistic sense of gravity and bounce, and then Squash & Stretch to add exaggeration which in turn adds life to the ball and the...

Flash Walk Cycle tutorial

This Flash Walk Cycle tutorial shows you how to create a walk-cycle with a reference to the work of Muybridge, a photographer in the late 1800’s who documented how people and animals move with timed photos. We have put together a Flash file with these...

Flash Collapse Layers Technique

This Flash Collapse Layers technique allows you to manipulate an existing animation that is comprised of multiple layers and keyframes, so that it is collapsed into one keyframe on one single layer. This is useful if you want to animate the animation, ie, move it...