This is the super simple humanoid bones rig model that goes with a tutorial by the same name, and will hopefully help some of you to better understand how to build a bones rig.


Download the 3ds max super-simple humanoid bones rig here.

Depending on the browser you use, the file may download automatically (Chrome), or prompt you to open or save the file (Firefox).

This rig goes along with the 3ds super simple humanoid bones rig tutorial located here on this site, and also found on Youtube.

To see the movement, slide the timeline. Make a copy and remove the keyframing, and see if you can keyframe it yourself. If you can understand a simple rig like this, then you are ready to try more complex rigs and animations.

Creative Commons Copyright: you may use this model for your own personal or commercial projects, and you may make changes to it, but you may not resell it as a model or rig.