Quadrapeds as Walking Machines

Leg Mechanics of Quadrapeds

General Quadraped Anatomy

Walking, Trotting, and Turning

Running and Galloping

Four-Legged Speed

The Dog’s Elbow

Cheetah biomechanics – video clip

How a tiger moves with pictures and interesting analysis

Dog walking rather slowly

Dog running slow motion

Forces acting on a horses legs

Elephant baby and family walking and running

Adult Male elephants walking – You can see from this video that a typical elephant walk is initiated by the rear leg first; then, when the rear leg has almost completed its motion and the rear foot is about to plant on the ground again, the front leg on the same side of the animal lifts off. Once both legs have lifted and planted, the rear leg on the opposite side begins its movement.

Lizard attacking and eating rat, some slow motion