Insects as Walking Machines

A discussion on insect locomotion and the foot-forward strategy of locomotion

Another very interesting article on Insect Locomotion and Dynamic vs Static stability

This is a PDF that covers (very technically) stepping patterns in Ants

Cockroach on simulated hard terrain

Good top view of praying mantis walk

Ants very close up, normal speed

Slow motion video of ants walking (and hurling themselves with trap-jaws!)

Robots inspired by animals (waterstrider, salamander, cockroach)

Combining electronics and insect systems

Interesting flying six legged helicopter robot

6 legged robot vehicle burning man

john deere 6 legged walking tractor

walking forest machine six legs

multilegged sculpture cardboard – huge ant photo database

Spiders as Walking Machines

Spider Anatomy Link

Interesting interactive closeups of spider anatomy

Funnel weaver spider attacking ant, good leg motion but a bit fast at 300 fps

Good shot of spider walk close up

Another good spider walk from above

mechanical spider vehicle

Engineering project – spider tank