Insects as Flying Machines

This is a fantastic video given at TED by Michael Dickinson in 2013 on how a fly flies. One of the best I’ve ever seen, well worth a look.

Here is a great discussion of insect and bird physiology and flight

here is the pdf for the above article

Fluid flow biomechanics of Flight (and Swimming)

Adult dragonfly anatomy

Link to dragonfly study

Here is a link to airflow study of dragonfly

Great explanation on Insect Flight Aerodynamics

On Insect Flight – Passive Wing Pitch Reversal

Another great dragonfly slow-motion, taking off

Dragonflies very close up

Slow Motion bumble-bees (can see sculling motion of wings)

A fly in slow motion, can see wing flaps but hard to see sculling

Ladybug flight slow mo

Locusts in Flight, cool thick second wing

Dragonfly wing motion, absolutely surreal and beautiful

mechanical spider vehicle

Engineering project – spider tank

Combining electronics and insect systems

robotic fly – hi tech non-toy

another shot of microrobot fly