3dcognition Tutorials

Cool Creatures

December 24, 2017

You have to check these aliens out, fantastic creative design and animation. Maybe not perfect, but way more imaginative than you normally see. They are the true stars of this short.

Character Modeling in 3ds Max


June 28, 2017

This is another old one, but it works! This character model just goes to the basic torso – we’re using box modeling here; box modeling is one of the fastest and effective ways to model a character, but it also works well […]

Modeling a Chair in 3ds Max


June 28, 2017

This is one of my older videos that was never posted to YouTube until now – but it’s still useful! I’ve found that box modeling, the technique I use here, is usually faster and works better than other methods, especially if the […]

Teleport Your Player

Teleport Your Player setup

June 23, 2015

This tutorial describes how to teleport your player using Unity. Teleportation is cool because it is something we can’t do in reality, but can easily do in games. It can be used for so many purposes, such as teleporting the player from […]

A Better Way to do Simple Animations in Unity

May 25, 2015

I’ve found Unity Legacy animations to be buggy; if I want to simply open a door, they do not work as advertised, though I must admit a bones-type animation, which should be even more problematic, works well. So this complaint and alternate […]

Unity Random Enemy Instantiation

unity enemy spawn basic

February 1, 2015

This tutorial on Unity Random Enemy Instantiation will demonstrate how to combine the Unity Randomize function with instantiation to create two different enemies at two different locations; if one enemy is destroyed, another enemy will appear; at all times there will be […]

Unity Trigger Random Destroy

Unity trigger random destroy

February 1, 2015

This Unity Trigger Random Destroy tutorial will demonstrate how we can combine a simple random destroy with a trigger event to make an even more powerful and flexible game mechanic. In Unity Triggers, I showed how to simply create an OnTriggerEnter function […]

CGI Short Film Chameleon

February 1, 2015

The CGI Short Film Chameleon is a strong, 5-minute film by Sam Lemberg which really only uses a few seconds of cgi but does so very efficiently. The setup is brilliant – you’ll see what I mean once the five minutes have […]

Random Mechanics in Unity

unity random destroy at start

February 1, 2015

Random mechanics in Unity can add excitement and mystery to game play. For our first example, imagine you have just launched a game where the object is to drive or hover along highways that are high up in the air, sitting on […]

Game Design – Guiding the Player

January 25, 2015

This Game Design – Guiding the Player post points to concepts to keep in mind when doing your game level design. Your map layout, visible assets, and how you build, light, and texture your playing terrain should all lead the player the […]