About 3dcognition


3dcognition.com is my site for sharing tutorials, theory and other assets to help designers and artists. Through teaching, I have become fascinated by theory and its practical application to design, animation, interactivity, and game development. The better we keep theory in mind while we are designing and developing, the stronger our designs tend to be.

I’ve been teaching design software for over twenty years, most recently for the Art Institute of Colorado, and Karlstad University in Sweden. A while back I figured out that making video tutorials made life easier for myself and for my students. Most of these cover 3ds Max, Flash, and Unity.

I also have a media development business called Elucidation Media, so if you need a video that explains and highlights your company, product or service, drop me a line!

For a few years I’ve been working on a video game called Mars Odyssey – in this game you get to experience the actual geographic features of the Red Planet – you can see some video capture at Mars-Odyssey.com. If the game looks like fun and you’re willing to give me some feedback, send me an email I’ll send you a download link!

Brad Strong, Denver